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Audio 5KCSTQ

I can't stand my f**ng stereo anymore.. It sucks -- the thing doesn't stay
on for 2 minutes before it flakes out an shuts off..  It's awful.. I'm not
sure what I need to do.  I've heard that it's NOT a real good idea to put
anything but a stock or OEM 'Audi Design' unit in -- because I could wind
up with some SERIOUS electrical issues if I do.

   Is this true?!?  Assuming that it is true -- has anyone popped the
Blaupunkt OEM set in?  They have 2 at BLAU --- one's $200 the other is $270
or something -- and them you can buy the CD changer for another $500.

I need some advice on this one.  I have an Alpine in my 4KSQ -- and it is
now being accused of causing some seriously annoying electrical

Q:  Has anyone used anything else besides the Audi design or OEM cassette
deck in?  If so, are there any limitations?

I'd love to spend a grand on a kick-ass CD system and beef up the ol'
10-speaker system, but I won't if it's going to be rejected like a bad
heart transplant!

Any recommendations here?  I know for a fact I'm not even going to attempt
putting the new one in..



87 5KCS TQ

85 4KS Q
82 VW Cabriolet