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RE: stereo problem

> I have a '91 90Q 20v.  I need to know if there are any problems with
> putting an aftermarket CD player in the car.  It has the modular
> speakers in the rear deck (with the amplifiers attached to the
> speakers), and standard speakers in the front.  Will I blow the amps
> in the rear if I send them an amplified signal?  
... well, let me tell you about my experience on an '88 5kCSQ.  As far as I
could tell, the rear speaker outs from the stock Blaupunkt radio were fed
directly to the amplified crossover for the rear speakers.  I connected a
Kenwood cassette + CD changer in place of the stock system, and while the
system worked, the sound coming out of the rear speakers was distorted ...
perhaps overdriven due to the fact that the new deck had higher output
power.  What I did was to remove the amp/splitter and connect the wires to
one of the three speakers on each side ... works fine.  Given you've got the
amps built into the speakers you may not be able to wire around them as I
did, but I wouldn't be too worried about hooking the thing up to try it out.
Just make sure you don't have the volume turned up TOO high when you first
turn the system on ... :)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)