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RE: A6 on PBS

> Motorweek will profile the new A6 Quattro on next weeks episode ...follow
> link
> to check the schedule in your state or check www.pbs.org.....It is a good
> program that 
> puts focus on performance.....
	Thanks for the pointer ... it will be interesting to see what they
have to say.  I just watched an episode last night that covered the new
3-series BMW ... the 328.  They were talking about how great the car was,
but when you listened to the details it made me wonder.  They mentioned the
60-0 braking distance (136 feet if memory serves) saying that it wasn't bad,
but was kinda long for a BMW, and when they talked about the back seat room
they said ... if you want to carry people in the back, get a sport-ute!
Hmmmmmmm ....

	Steve Buchholz
	San Jose, CA (USA)