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A/C Retrofitting

Just today I saw an R-134a retrofit kit for sale at a local parts store.
The kit simply had a hose, two fittings, oil, and two cans of 134a, all
for $26.95. Since I own a formerly R-12 car (I say formerly because all
the freon is gone), I was interested. The kit makes no mention of the
reciever/drier or flushing and pulling a vacuum. This left me asking
"could it be this easy?"

I had always assumed that the reciever/dryer had to be replaced when
retrofitting. That seems to be the position of many mechanics. My parents
just spent $1000 on their repair and retrofit. The reciever/drier was
$190 of the bill. My car cost a whopping $850, and the blue book is
hovering around $1200. While it may be distasteful to many Q-List
members, some Audis make great beaters! With this in mind, I didn't feel
ready to begin what would be at least a $300 repair. The opportunity for
a cheap alternative is very tempting. Here are my questions:

1. Is it necesssary to replace the reciever/drier?

2. What can happen if I don't?

3. Is it necessary to flush the system, and how can this be done.

4. How important is it to evacuate the system?

I was figuring I could at leat blow out the system with a big can of
Dust-off (nitrogen), but beyond that, I'm lost. Any help would be

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