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Monkey Lad Leavings

Both a comment and a question.

The previous owner of my '85 4000S went to Midas for brakes and exhaust.
I've mentioned before about the rediculously bad muffler and the lack of
bleeding, but I have discovered yet more surprises. Midas has a policy
that they offer shocks or struts to just about everyone. The techs even
have a monthly quota to make. This was all exposed a few years back on
20/20 I think. The previous owner helped them make their quota by
replacing the rear shocks. I have never driven shocks this sappy in my
life! Every time I touch the brakes the rear end goes up-even at 5 MPH!
When I got the car, I thought the rear shocks had worn out, but later I
saw the reciept from only two years ago. The shocks look great, clean,
blue, but seem to do almost no damping. This isn't just a matter of
Euro-snobbery, the car feels downright unstable in some situations. 


What are some good replacements at a reasonable price? This is an
inexpensive car that I don't plan to "upgrade" too much. That said, I do
like a fairly firm ride, and don't enjoy body roll. I drove a bug for 6
years, so I've had enough body roll for one lifetime. I will also do the
fronts, but I might wait on them as the Monkey Lads didn't get a hold of
them. My springs seem to be in good shape, and I might want to save my
money there. Any ideas on a good all around tire (185/60/14) would also
be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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