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Re: butt-warmers(boston listers in particular)

>There's a connector under each seat, don't know the colors but one
>terminal will be common and the other three go to heater wires - should
>have a resistance in the several ohm (5-20?) range back to common.
>That's the connector that may be undone, but I bet your wires are
Well, I was thinking that if the -entire- seat is dead, that means that
something else(ie, supply) is busted.

I did find the right connector with a little guesswork(mainly by looking at
the driver's seat, then looking at the passenger seat, and seeing what was
in BOTH seats.)  Wanted to avoid the hey-everybody-lets-blow-up-the-airbag

The passenger side seat seems to work(I think all the parts are working,
but I'm not sure.)  I unplugged the green connector clipped to the metal of
the framework for the seat, and that killed the heat, so that's the right

BTW, there are several more wires; I think this is because of the sport
side bolsters(which are heated as well.)

<sigh>...I really don't feel like ripping the seat apart.  Anyone know any
good shops in the boston area that can do this?


Brett Dikeman
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