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RE: Platinum Plugs

Subject: RE: Platinum Plugs

> Traditional wisdom says (Including my mechanic and Ned Ritchie) the
> regular platinums don't work in turbo Audis.  If you want to use
platinums use:
> Bosch F5DPOR.
> They are big bucks.

Just an FYI...TPC has the F5DPORs on sale for $10.95 USD/plug.  Not exactly
cheap compared to other plugs, but for these that's a great price.  Just
ordered 10 from Rod for my S4 and a friend's S4.

Also, before I ordered them I noticed that my owners manual had P/N 101 000
022AB (F5LPOR) listed.  Rod checked and confirmed that P/N 101 000 022AB is
cross-ref'ed to P/N 101 000 016AA (F5DPOR)

- Marc
'85 urq
'93 S4