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Re: New Passat Coupe

On Sat, 3 Oct 1998, Tom Nas wrote:

:|According to 'Gute Fahrt' magazine from Germany, the Passat will come in a
:|two-door coupe version soon. Looking at the pics, I'd say it's a beaut.
:|They've lengthened the nose a bit (like on the 3-series coupe) and altered
:|the roofline. Oh, and naturally it's got two doors instead of four.

	anyone got a url for this car?  i'd love to see a few
	pix of it. 

	speaking of pix, i stopped by the audi/vw dealer here 
	in sf, talked to a young salesman.  the guy had a nice
	yellow coupe, chipped, too.  anyway he gave me the
	brochure for the tt.  mrrrrroooow, what a beaut.  and i
	guess once the neiman marcus stuff wears thin they are
	going to be pretty cheep.  i guess they really do want
	to kill that z3 market, and it looks like they might 
	have a chance of stealing away some of the thunder of
	that z3 coupe hardtop thingie.  one good thing about
	these little corporate battles is that we sometimes
	get some nice products out of it :)

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