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Re: '98 a8 for sale

	coupld be overpriced - like i said, i don't have that 
	kind of cash for a car.  i think i could go to $10k.

	c'mon someone out there has that coupe or wagon for 

	g'night, folx.

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Phil Payne wrote:

:|I thought you guys got your cars cheaper than us?  $73.5k converts to
:|GBP46k - _absolute_ top whack for the most pristine car imaginable,
:|and even then negotiable.  Averages are closer to $55k now.
:|Adam Marsden down at AM Cars has a 1996 4.2 for GBP25k - $40k.
:|Parts are the same price, though.

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