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Re: '98 a8 for sale

In message <Pine.GSO.3.95.981005000223.4906D-100000@outside.organic.com> c a l i b a n writes:

>  1998 a8 quattro 4.3
>  "every option available"
>  (leather, polish rims, etc)
>  $73,540 sticker will sell for $66k
>  financing avail yadda yadda

I thought you guys got your cars cheaper than us?  $73.5k converts to
GBP46k - _absolute_ top whack for the most pristine car imaginable,
and even then negotiable.  Averages are closer to $55k now.

Adam Marsden down at AM Cars has a 1996 4.2 for GBP25k - $40k.

Parts are the same price, though.

 Phil Payne
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