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Re: Rally Report

I think the confusion about this has to do with the way we were
receiving those messages. My mail filtering is set on "quattro"
appearing in the to or cc. Since those messages made no such reference,
they wound up in my main inbox, which is indeed a little confusing.
Maybe there's a better way to set up that filter. Anyway, I imagine that
if you were to send those messages cc'ed to the quattro list (if you so
choose), it would be fine. 

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 150k

Dave Conner wrote:
> I want to read your Rally Reports.
> Only four complaints?
> Please don't be so timid.
> Dave Conner
> P Timmerman wrote:
> I have recieved four complaints about cross posting my rally
> reports to my old friends at the quattro list.  Since this vocal four
> cannot find their delete key, I have removed qlist from distribution.
> I apologize to all my old friends.  Anyone who would LIKE to continue
> to read about my next adventure can email me to be put on direct
> distribution.