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Re: BMW - Driving school

In message <> Lee Levitt writes:

> >Driver OK.  Strike one BMW - it's scrap metal.
> >
> >       "I wasn't going so fast - you were pulling away from me."
> >
> >       "Yeah.  But that's a quattro."
> >
> Well done Phil. Tell, me, did you keep a straight face when you delivered
> that line?

Well, the poor guy was shaking all over, so I didn't ram the point home.

Surprisingly (for a businessman/typical WMB driver) he had neither a
carphone nor a personal, so I lent him mine.  BMW's "Special Care"
service takes over five minutes to answer ...

For anyone in the UK who's interested (and in the area) the car was
a deep red or maroon and was recovered to Specialist Motors in
Stevenage - a good sixty miles away.

> ...and exactly which Audi dealer did you recommend :)

I _think_ I managed to say: "But that's a quattro" with sufficient
implied superiority that his next vehicle will have four rings on the
front.  But I have to say I felt quite a bit of sympathy - a sudden
rollover like that is quite a shock.

To the WMB's credit - despite a rollover, all of the glass was in place
although the screen was shattered.  It looked as if the front of the
bonnet had taken most of the impact - there were small tears in the
actual metal.  All of the car was subtly out of shape, though - none
of the seams were out by less than a couple of mm.  He was completely
unscathed - all of the doors worked and the car was driveable for the
few yards we needed to get it to somewhere safe.

I should also mention, for the benefit of posterity, that I have a
witness.  My son Thomas (MT4@isham-research.demon.co.uk) was in my
passenger seat and was somewhat stunned when I suddenly pulled over and
described what I'd seen in the mirror.

 Phil Payne
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