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Re: Talking Heads

Mark Pollan wrote:
> Hi All:
> All this talk about heads got it into mine.  Couple of questions for
> a total newbie on the subject.  The potential victim, er patient, is
> an early, single knock sensor, MC.
> 1)  How much does a head weigh?  Can one person relatively easily
>     manage removal and refitting?

Not with the IM, EM, Turbo and Downpipe attached. Maybe 20-30kg for the whole
assy. Worst part - you have to lift it very high on the stretched arms in order
to clear the downpipe.

Refitting, which is as Bently sez ever so modestly "is a reversal of removal" is
even more a b!tch to do. Definitely get an assistant.

Oh, one more tip - remove the hood beforehand. It's only 4 bolts, 5 min tops,
but it will be so much much easier to work on the car. 
It's like removing the grille, the IC and the front bumper when you do the
timing belt - you spend  10 more min in prep work but save yourself two hours of
downtime and, which is even more important, you work elbow-deep, comfortably
seating in front of the engine.

BTW, remove the grille and IC for the head job as well.

> 2)  I have some oil deposits around #4 spark plug.  What are causes
>     of this?  My oil consumption is normal, about 1qt./3000 miles of
>     exclusively highway running.

The 4th valve guide seal is leaking. The new ones (green - made out of Viton)
will be in your head kit. BTW, make sure that you get the right kit for your
Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros