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Faux Carbon Decals

I just recently spent 25 bucks on 2 paper size sheets of faux cabon
fibre from tapeworks.com.  I put it on my black 89 vw cabbie.  I applyed
it to the rear lowerer front of the wheel well (over the stone guard).
it went on well, very pliable, only took an hour (both sides).  when i
got it, i was un-impressed, but after it was on, i was satisfied with
it.  in other words it looks good on something you don't look at
closely, but on a steering wheel (like the ad) or on the interior, i
think it would be too cheezy.
Dan Hamren
87 5kcsqw 1.4 bar (in other words everything stock but the suspension)
88 range rover 250km original engine new cams, flomaster, bilstines,arb,
kilr stereo
89 cabriolet  for the wife