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Re: TAP 20vt chip

Having run (back to back) Hoppen's "280 HP" setup and TAP's "+80HP" (i.e.
307 HP?) setups on S-cars (whose engines are pretty close to yours), TAP
would seem to be _really_ optimistic in their claims. I wouldn't say the
TAP setup is _less_ powerful (although it does feel less smooth), but it
certainly doesn't feel any better. Anyway, if it takes an RS2 turbo,
manifold and chip to get >300 from MTM/Hoppen, how would TAP do it with
just a chip...

...and for the record, mine was the TAP setup, worse luck...


'94 S4

At 02:28 PM 10/7/98 -0700, Brandon Hull wrote:
>Anybody using TAP's chip for the '91 200tq?  At $475, it's half the price of
>IA's stage IV, and includes a stiffer wastegate spring.  Same HP claims.
>Brandon Hull
>'91 Ersatz S2, only using the lower third of cool 30lb boost gauge