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Re: Oil filter/Quickie oil changes

In message <361BCD0B.BCB2D33F@nais.com> Michael Murphy writes:

> Unless Audi has an engine oiling system design that I'm not aware of (a
> distinct possibility) you need an antidrain back valve _only_ if you
> mount the filter w/the filter opening at an angle that would allow
> gravity to drain the filter.  Please correct me if I'm wrong here.

No problem.  You're wrong.  I think.

The purpose of the anti-drain back valve is not to stop the filter
emptying, but to stop the upper galleries and most particularly the
lifter feeds from draining.

If you run with a filter that doesn't have such a valve, the early
morning lifter clatter is quite noticeable.

What throws people is that Audi chose to designate the filters with
anti-drainback valves as "turbo" filters.  They should be designated
as "hydraulic lifter" filters.

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