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Re: Oil filter/Quickie oil changes

Bob, it's my understanding, from conversations with reps from a few local
bulk oil distributors, that the oil sold  to the lube  centers and the mass
outlets like Firestone is made to lower quality standards than the premium
oils we've come to know through their advertising, although they obviously
meet the minimum standards on the label. Perhaps it's the additive package,
perhaps it's something else. I'm not an expert on oils, and I'm loosely
repeating hearsay, although I've dealt with these reps for years, and did
participate in these conversations, prompted by asking why these places could
sell oil for far less than I pay for it wholesale, not withstanding economies
of scale.
I don't think you should be running 10 w 30 anyway. (Sorry, couldn't help
R. Cummings wrote:

> >Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 07:47:18 -0700
> >From: John Larson <jdlarson@ix.netcom.com>
> >Subject: Oil filter/Quickie oil changes
> >
> >IMPO (In My Professional Opinion), quickie oil change places are only
> >marginally better than not changing your oil at all. Oil companies make
> >oil in various quality levels, the ones they advertize and the ones they
> >sell to bulk consumers like these places, ...
> Does this imply that the Pennzoil 10W30 I get at Jiffy Lube does not meet
> API SG Service? I don't really believe that.
> Bob Cummings 87 Coupe GT