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Re: BMEP and ft/min and tt clarification

Eaton Dave wrote:

> also, there is no "centre app" mode for this diff.  in the vw/audi scenario,
> the diff is bolted onto the front of the rear diff, so the input shaft is
> the output shaft from the front diff presumably via a take-off from the
> gearbox output ring.  in this arrangement there clearly can be no more than
> 50% power to the rear axle which would seem to fly in the face of the
> testers who expound the oversteer characteristics of the car (ttc)...

Precisely what had me questioning the write-ups I've read, if the Haldex is
attached to the rear axle, how can you get any more than 50% at the rear? The
Haldex would have to be an integral part of the front transaxle, splitting the
torque/power between front and rear like the Torsen does in the Quattro. The
only current application I can see where a Haldex/Gerodisc type application
truly works to split the torque/power where needed is the new Quadra-Trac in
the '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

> as i said, we currently don't know the details of the audi app of the haldex
> lsc.  i'm working on it.  rumours of the s6tt 400hp v8 using 4 haldex
> clutches (1 per axle 1/2 shaft) are also being substantiated.

NOW that sounds like a plan!

> dave
> '95 rs2
> '90 ur-q

By the way Dave, you wouldn't happen to be related to the Eaton that
manufactures those wonderful superchargers currently being used by GM on their
3800 SeriesII engines?

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