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Re: ch, ch, ch, screeeech! (starter...)

Thanks to everybody for the info with my fawnky starter.  It turns out that
the starter wasn't even bolted in.  That's right, the 3 bolts were missing
so the starter was just lying in it's position kinda-sorta.  It was loose
and free to move about 1/2 inch from it's mount which would cause the
sluggish cranking (bad ground) and occasional screech (not exactly
contacting flywheel).

After cleaning the oil from the previously leaky valve cover gasket off, it
appears the P.O. had replaced the starter recently as it was pretty new
lookin' with it's sticker and all.  Why would he leave the bolts off? Or,
how did the bolts fall out?  Oh well, one of life's little mysteries I

Much thanks to all those who responded to me.   Y'all are great!  Hmmm...let
me see...Oh yeah, I've seen some talk in the archives about headlight
wiring.  I replaced one of the moisturized headlights the other day with one
of the hi-power low beams  (55w I think.)  Only in the archives there seems
to be some sentiment that the headlight wiring and/or switch can't handle
the extra power.  Am I setting myself up for some wiring probs. here?
Cause, uh, paying $5 for a replacement lower power light sure beats any
melted wires, etc.

I never had sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky,

'84 4000s starts lots better, idles like it has some racy cam, but one trip
to the redline concludes otherwise.  Driver's side rear window inoperable,
luggage rack! (better than spoiler?)  oh, and to complement the wonderfully
engineered handling...Triumph tires, 10% higher than stock aspect ratio, (70
vs. 80), also courtesy of P.O.