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Re: Speed limiter

Hairy green toads from Mars made Sean_Ford@idx.com say:

> Does anyone know how the speed limiter works, or if it only applies to
> certain performance models (such as the S-cars) only? Someone mentioned
> having their speed limiter disabled earlier and Bob Myers and I have had
> similar discussions.
> The reason I ask is, I once saw an indicated 140 mph in my '92 100CS 5-spd
> non-q while running 205/60VR/15's (instead of the stock 195/65HR/15's). Bob
> Myers has pointed out that the rolling diameter of the 205/60's is larger
> than the 195/65's, so I should be traveling faster than the indicated speed
> (speedometer error notwithstanding). How is this possible if there is a
> speed limiter? I have the silly "130 mph max due to tire limitations"
> sticker on my dash, but it does not specify a speed limiter. Anyone have
> any clues?

We are supposed to have the 130 limiter in our cars. However,
the 205s are actually SMALLER by 1.2% so your indicated speed
should be 1.2% higher than actual speed. This doesn't account
for 10MPH though.... I suspect speedo error.


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