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Re: my UrQ VIN, andhow much does the power doorlock system weigh?

In message <199810120752.AAA55606@theta2.ben2.ucla.edu> Michael Williams writes:

> I know this is kinda silly, but since the power doorlock system in my UrQ
> dont work, how much does it weigh?  I cant imagine it being very much,
> but getting any kind of weight out of there is nice.  If it only weighs a
> couple o pounds, i will grab the old doorlock pump from my parts car and
> fix the system...but otherwise....

I think it's the same system used on pretty well all 80-style cars of
the period.  If it's broke, I'd recommend taking it out - there is a
small but finite possibility of it running all by itself one day and
flattening the battery.

 Phil Payne
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