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Re: Question about ISV plumbing

If you mean the plastic elbow at the rear of the long straight ISV hose,
then it's the "air supply for air shrouded fuel injectors".  I remember
this because I broke mine when changing the hoses.  It's been unplugged for
a couple months now seemingly w/o ill effect...

At 11:04 AM 10/12/1998 ,  Smith, Kirby A was inspired to say:
>  While changing some ISV hoses yesterday on my NA 10V I-5 type NG engine, I
>  found that the plastic "L" fitting to which the ISV input hose attaches also
>  provides a pinhole connection to the intake manifold, at the rear of the
>  engine.  The location on the intake maniford suggests it connects to the
>  fuel injection gallery (if there is one).  My question is, what is this for,
>  some failsafe idle backup in case the ISV becomes blocked?  A means of
>  passing a tiny amout of air over the rear injector?  An obscure polution
>  control function?  Any guesses welcome.

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