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RE: How To - 016 Quattro Transmission Axle Flange Seal R&R

Excellent post Fred!  Thanks!

>     4. Index the CV joint and the axle flange. Remove the bolts which
> secure
> the inner CV joint to the transmission axle flange. These take a 10mm
> triple
> square socket. Don't even think about trying to use a Torx driver! On the
> right side, you will have to remove the CV joint heat shield first. These
> bolts are torqued to 59 ft.lb., so the axle will have to be secured to
> loosen them. Putting the transmission in gear will work if the opposite
> front wheel is on the ground - otherwise, you'll have to get creative.
... since there are folks here who cram rope into spark plug holes to remove
the crank bolt perhaps I won't get flamed too badly for passing along my
technique for this ... :-)

I find that an appropriately sized screwdriver inserted into the vent slots
in the rotor does a good job of holding the half-shaft while attempting to
loosen the drive flange.  I rotate the shaft until the screwdriver is locked
up against the appropriate edge of the brake caliper (one side to loosen the
other to tighten).  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)