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Purchasing an A4tq?

I need some advise here.  I currently drive and love a 95 Acura Integra
GSR coupe.  It's relatively quick (15.1s at the local strip), has very
predictable handling, gets about 30 mpg, and is reliable.  The only
problem resides in the interior space.  The car is adequete when my wife
and 6 year old son are passengers, but forget it when two adults need
to accompany us in a drive lasting longer than 30 minutes.  The A4 is the
perfect size for us being small enough to be light and nimble, but lacks
the power of my GSR.  I'm slightly familar with two manufacters of
aftermarket chips that boost the turbo pressure along with other
manufacters of power and handling mods, but have never driven a
'modded' A4 or have any performance numbers.  What I'm looking for is
info from modded A4t owners relating to performance numbers, money
invested to yield those numbers, reliablity issues, and just overall stories.
 Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully soon to be a quattro owner,
Charlie Vincent