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4kq Rally Car brakes..Oh Wizards! lend me your brains......

Hi Guys, I feel it's time the ol'rally car gets a new braking system.
I've seen posts from people who claimed to have used the 4kq front
calipers on the reaer of the same car and 5k front calipers up front. Is
this possible. I'm looking for something that will still fit under 14"
wheels yet provide more breaking power. OR  Should I just shell out $$$
for some sort of Brembo or Willwood kit? Thanks!

Mike Burke
Irish Volunteer Motorsport
Columbus, Ohio
"Home of the rallying Irish"
86 4kq rally car
86 4kq street car
87 4k "for sale car"
87 volks Jetta "for sale care" 
93 Chevy tow barge.