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RE:Spring and struts on '87 5Kcstq

Paul wrote:

	I tried to do the front struts this past weekend.  I got the top
	off, and the top plate, but could not figure out how to get the
	cap off without tool 2069.  Should I just break down and buy the
	Anyone in the Boston area willing to lend/rent it to me?

I took the threaded cap off (and back on)  with a pair of large channel lock
pliers.  As I remember I jacked up the front of the car slightly to get at
the cap and just reached in between the spring coils with the channel locks.

	Next, can the rear strut cartrages be replaced easily, without
	the strut fromt he car, or the spring from the strut?  In both
	frone and rear, do I really need tool vw340, or ,will any spring
	compresser work?

You have to remove the rear strut/shock from the car but it is real easy to
do.  Just remove the bottom bolt and the three top plate bolts and the whole
unit will drop out.  You have to next remove the spring from the strut (I
use regular spring compressors).  If you keep the clocking of the top plate
relative to the bottom bolt it will make re-installing easier.  A trick to
putting it back in is to position the strut assy into the wheel well and put
the bottom bolt in first then by pushing down on the suspension you can push
the top plate into position.

	Any BTDT's outhtere that can give me some pointers?
	BTW, moving to H&R springs, with Boge Pro Gas all the way around

I went with Konis and stock springs. Everyone likes the Boges. Let me know
how you like the Boges with the stock springs.  

Littleton, CO