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RE: 10V Cam pulley/timing belt question

I guess I should have given more detail - I did the TB, water pump, idler
pulley, thermostat (80 DegC), radiator switch (885/95 DegC), heater valve,
lower rad. hose and repaired the upper radiator hose fitting.

I DID NOT remove the rear cover. I just removed the bolts that hold it down
(one on the engine right side and two others down low as I remember) and
there is plenty of room to just move it aside (kind of pull it forward) to
clean the mating surface and R&R the water pump.  I thought this was easier
than dealing with the cam pulley especially since I am paraniod about
something slipping and bending some valves.

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> Subject: 	Re: 10V Cam pulley/timing belt question
> Hi Russ,
> I removed the cam pulley in order to remove the rear timing belt cover so
> that
> I could clean the mating surface between the water pump and the engine
> block
> and install a new water pump.
> I suppose you don't need to do this if you don't change the water pump,
> but
> since the water pump is moved around to tension the t-belt and the water
> pump
> is flat-mated to the block with only an o-ring seal, I would never leave
> the
> old pump and o-ring in there.  The old o-ring may be fatigued, or get
> twisted,
> or coolant crud might get caught in the seal. 
> Adam
> 87 5kcst
> 89 200q