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RE:10V Cam pulley/timing belt question

I can't understand why you would remove the cam pulley. I just did my TB las
weekend and did not remove the cam pulley.  Just put the TB in place and
tighten the slack with the water pump.  I even had problems with the idler
pulley and had to take the whole thing apart and was able to get the TB back
on without disturbing the water pump.  I have also taken the TB off numerous
times to fiddle with the cam timing and never the cam pulley.  A few
pointers from my recent experience:

1) There was a post a while back about someone who had taken off the TB and
the crank tool slipped off while applying torque and bent some valves. I
don't know if this applied to a MC engine but it is best to be safe and
leave the TB on unitl you have the crank bolt lose.

2) After installing the TB, and before starting the car, turn the engine
over by hand a couple of times and sight down the pulleys to make sure
everything is strait.  I did this and noticed the TB had slipped half off of
the idler pulley because I had the idler pulley in cockeyed(?). Of course
check all the timing marks after this too.

3) Once the engine is started sight down the pulleys again to make sure the
TB is running strait on all the pulleys and no pulley is wobbling.

Littleton, CO