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Re: How to WD40 wheel bolts? also door handles.

"G. Benedikt Rochow" <rochow@segosf.hlo.dec.com> writes:

>I'm having rather a bit of trouble getting the
>wheel bolt on my '84 5kS loose.
 A little trick with wheel bolts is to strike them with
 a hammer, preferably a brass one.  This helps get even
 the most stubborn wheel bolts out.  A little WD40 on the 
 outside may help, especially if the bolts are stuck at
 the heads.  Don't let the "monkey lads" tighten the 
 bolts down with an airgun, they should always be 

>I just replaced the RF door handle (which had the standard crack)
>with a RR replacement, as the lock in the broken one already
>had no matching key. Looks nice w/o key lock. As it was a 
>particularly easy replacement, I'm wondering whether the later 
>'flush' handles would work on these door? 

  Yeah, real good idea, just keep your fingers crossed
  nothing happens to the drivers side in the meantime.
  If it does..I have a slimjim you can borrow....
  Besides, the door handles are cheap now, I just 
  bought one for the same car, cost $35.00 complete
  with new key and lock. You can make the keys match
  rather easily too. You just have to match the tumbles
  up with the old key. I have PLENTY of extra tumblers
  for these locks, save a few every time the doorhandles



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