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Re: Trouble Importing an UR-Q

"Nick Meyers" <nmeyers@hotmail.com> writes:

>Listmembers! I need your help...
>I am trying to import an Ur-Q from Canada and have run into some 

 I have "heard" that cars can be brought in from Canada or
 Mexico (the older the better), then titled through 
 States such as Georgia or Alabama (forgot which state)
 for a small fee.  Once titled in these States the car
 could be transfered to any state, all without no pesky
 EPA, DOT or other gubnment intervention. I hear.  There
 was even a guy who used to advertise this title service
 in the car rags.  The company that titles the cars also
 had a website, I think the company was called "Titles
 Unlimited".  A web search might find them.  I haven't 
 dealt with this kind of thing in years, but it was the
 easy way to do it.  Might have changed since then.

 A friend of mine drives a 1978 Volksagen Beetle that 
 looks very much like a 1997 Mexican VW Beetle, funny
 how they look the same after all those years.....



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