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Re: Trouble Importing an UR-Q


That sucks, good thing they waited 2 weeks to tell you ;-)

My parents moved to the US from Canada and they imported their car when
they came, this was about 3.5 years ago so with NAFTA kicking into full
effect I was told this process would get easier.

I am not sure about the EPA and California emmissions but the odometer
needing to be in miles is BS. My parent's car is in km and so are the cars
of several friends of mine who imported cars from Canada. I will try to get
more info from them on exactly how this process worked but I know that it
was painless.

Good luck


Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 11:10:07 PDT
From: "Nick Meyers" <nmeyers@hotmail.com>
Subject: Trouble Importing an UR-Q

Listmembers! I need your help...
I am trying to import an Ur-Q from Canada and have run into some snaggs,
Here is the sequence of events that have transpired so far:

Called AOA, said they needed the Canadian registration of the said UR-Q,
Vin, and Engine code for an EPA Compliance letter..I provided that as
requested via fax.  It took 2 weeks to process to see if compliant.
Called the other day- my contact at AOA said that it had been rejected
and I will be receiving a letter .  AOA said that the odo needs to read
miles, the work "brake" needs to appear in a certain area on the dash or
something(was a little unclear about this..) and that the emmissons when
built(83 UR-Q) were not EPA nor California Emmissons compliant..They
said they would send me a list of importers that handle compliance
etc...I thought the canadian spec UR Q was essentially the same for the
exception of the Kilo's vs. miles?  They said that all of the importers
are in the U.S.,so I have to bring the car in the states to comply then
back to Canada for importation?
Please if anyone has any Been There Done Thats and can help me solve
this problem I would be very grateful- I really want my UR-Q but cant
afford to pay a rediculous fee to bring it in the states(already facing
taxation when crossing the border)..Please, listmembers help me out!

By the way, congrats to Michael Williams for his stellar UR-Q find! I
need to be on the same page with you mike (with the new UR-Q's) but I
have to solve this importation thing!

nick meyers