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Re: Trouble Importing an UR-Q

> I am not sure about the EPA and California emmissions but the odometer
> needing to be in miles is BS.

my 83 5kt was a metric car.  got real good at dividing by 0.621 :-)

When i bought it from MA, the NH DMV wanted to look at it and put their
own sticker on the door jamb.  The VIN was not US, it had XXX I think
after the WAU.

I was told it was imported by a VAG exec, but the dash was in English,
so I think it may have been Canadian?  I dunno, it had a cat and OXS. 
The dual rect headlights were not mounted very neatly and were wired
wrong, using female spades, no socket doohickey.

top speed 118 mph, I mean 190....  great car!  like flying around in a
big comfy glove that did *exactly* what you wanted it to do.  until the
wastegate started sticking.  (pre net daze for me)

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT