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2.7 biturbo

hi people!!!
Today we learn about the motronic(ME7.1)!!!
Now we talk about the "Torque-oriented engine management..
The motronic(ME7.1) has a torque-oriented functional structure.This is made
possible by the new electronic accelerator fuction...
Making allowance for efficiency and the emmission standards,the engine
control unit coordinates the external and internal requests and meets by
adjusting tha avalible control variables accordingly...
 In comparison with previously know system...The ME7.1 is not confined to
the output of variables to the networked control unit(ABS,Automatic
gearbox)it also uses these physical variables to calculate control
All-internal and external- torque demands are combine and a nominal torque
is derived from this..
To translate the nominal torque into actions, the control variables are
co-ordinated with regard to consumption and emmission so as to optimize
torque control.....