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Re: 944 lug nut covers on a Coupe GT

Porsche 944 has studs with lug nuts that take 19mm socket i.e. the covers only
fit 19mm nuts.
VW however has some nice plastic covers that fit 17mm hex head (VW Audi bolts).
I used them on my Coupe.  They came on some GTI's etc.


Ken Johnson wrote:

> Hello everyone.
>         The other day I saw a Porsche 944 (Very Cool!).  I noticed that there
> were plastic covers over the bolts holding the wheels onto the car.
> Well......if the bolts on a Porsche are about the same size as the ones
> on my Audi, then maybe I can use them on my car (it made sense to me).
> Thanks for any thoughts, ridiculing, etc.
>                                 Peter Johnson, 85 CGT

Martin Pajak


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