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RE: Audi GT Racer & Horch Roadster FS in Hershey PA

George Achorn said:
    On another note, I was at the high-end showing of the Hershey Antique
Auto Show this weekend, at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center is where
the seriously expensive cars are. Of note specifically is a silver '37 Horch
roadster supposedly owned by the head of the Luftwaffe (can't remember the
guys name but I'll probably go back and take pics and write it down and show
it at the VW Vortex site). It is one of 3 known in existence. They want 2.2
million US Dollars for it.

Funny thing, I just finished a book by my favorite author, W.E.B. Griffen, and
it mentions this particular car!  It is about a solder in Germany at the end
of WWII. The main character is very wealthy due to family money, and at the
end of the war, he buys a Horch that belonged to the head of the Luftwaffe
that had thicker glass to protect him from sniper attack.  It must have been
somewhat fact based (at least the car part), but I never would have known
until George's post.

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