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RE: new license plate ideas anyone?

While I definitely agree that too many people spend too much time trying to
figure out who gets offended by what someone else says or does ... might I
remind everyone that your choice of vanity plate might be that extra bit of
motivation that someone needs to vandalize your precious car/tank ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
with two [hopefully] innocuous vanity plates ... :-)
... please let me know if any of you find them offensive in any way ... :-)

> I'm planning on getting PANZER for my Suburban.  It may offend a few, but
> I
> flat-out refuse to keep from making a comment or watching every little
> thing I
> say lest something might disturb those of us with, shall I say, *delicate
> sensibilities*.  I won't go out of my way to offend but I sure as hell
> won't go
> out of my way *not* to offend.  Life's too short to be PC:  Red meat is
> supposed
> to be RED, drinks are supposed to be stiff, and it ain't *my* fault women
> are
> attractive.
> :
> : sure, you'll offend a few people.  not as much as that
> : joker in texas (i think) with ZYKLON on his plate, but
> : it'll still offend.  i went to a hellof liberal university,
> : i am a pretty good judge of this ;)
> :
> :On Mon, 12 Oct 1998 RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
> :
> ::|I just had a good idea for a new plate that I may be looking to get
> this
> ::|winter:
> ::|
> ::|BLTZKRG (Blitzkrieg)
> ::|
> ::|Only thing is, would this be considered politically UNcorrect?  Would
> Jewish
> ::|people or WWII vets find this offensive?  I am a big fan of WWII novels
> and
> ::|historical books, so I would never own a vanity plate that would offend
> people
> ::|of this era.