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Re: A4 windshield wiper oddities

Just replace the inserts.  I'm sure that the insert-blade interface and
fittment is the same as everyone else as I highly doubt the OEM
manufactures a special wiper assy just for Audi.

At 12:50 PM 10/13/1998 ,  Steve Manning was inspired to say:
>  Semi-rant mode:  In preparing my A4 for winter use, I was measuring for
>  winter wiper blades and found that the wiper blades are unique to the A4 in
>  the following ways:
>  P.S.  Just to clarify my nomenclature:  the wiper 'insert' is the flexible
>  rubber piece that does the wiping, the 'blade' is the metal piece the
>  insert fits into, and the 'arm' is what the blade attaches to that provides
>  the sweeping action.

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