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Re: Audi Gamma Radio Questions - 92 100S

In message <199810131816.OAA0000112265@hunch.zk3.dec.com> Andrew Duane USG writes:

> >      What is the explanation for the 2 "antenna" connectors?  It looks
> >      like there are two connectors for the antenna in the back of the
> >      radio.  I haven't pulled them off yet, but any explanation of the
> >      connections would be helpful.
> Front and rear antennas.  Pick ojne (I think front is best)
> and use it.

Diversity.  VHF/FM reception is _important_ in Germany - it's how they
get their traffic information.

>From memory - both are optimised for FM reception, but only one for AM
reception.  Not sure if it _is_ that way round, or which it is.

Try both, and try them on both bands.

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