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FIA/GT after race get together - Sat Oct 24th

In a message dated 10/13/98 "Steven J. Sherwood" <ssher@home.com> writes:

<< A bunch of us are either going to the FIA/GT races at Laguna Seca Raceway
or are willing to get together afterwards to talk German (sprechunze?).  Jack
from Monterey says that the Baja Cantina is "the" place to meet.  So, if you
want to joins us, please do so. >>

I plan to be there both days. AFIK few (if any) other q-listers made last
year's event. 

I am not too sure about heading over to the Carmel Valley Village at 6:30pm
though as that will make for a rather long trek home after an already long
day. Could be pushing things domestically ;-) (Not to mention I will have my 8
year old son along...)

Also, there will be an "Oktoberfest" at the track and getting together there
is an option as well. Who all is going?

Re: Saturday's events...the race Saturday is the US "SportsCar" season finale
and will be a good race. Sunday's race is the FIA GT car race which IMO is the
more mandatory "must see" event of the weekend. Who knows...maybe the Porsche
factory GT1 will "defy the laws of physics" off the corkscrew like it did last
Saturday at Road Atlanta. (Surprised there are no remarks on that yet...anyone
else see that thing take off?!)

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq