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Re: FIA/GT after race get together - Sat Oct 24th

Mike can get a ride from one of my guys.  Don't worry about it.  Cannot
remember the name of the hotel.  It's in San Juan Bautista, though.  About
15 miles south of the race track.

Mr. ///M3

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Date: Wednesday, October 14, 1998 6:52 AM
Subject: RE: FIA/GT after race get together - Sat Oct 24th

> Fear not, we'll figure out how to get you there.  What hotel are you
>staying in?
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>Subject: RE: FIA/GT after race get together - Sat Oct 24th
>Guys, as Chris, who I am riding up there with, will not be around that
>night, is there a chance I can get a ride from someone to this? I probably
>can get to the track, but perhaps if either I leave the track with one of
>you to go to the Cantina, or if someone can grab me at the Hotel? I don't
>want to miss out on meeting the new ones, or seeing old friends! I could
>really use to be around you guys, as the job is killing me and need some
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>> From: Steven J. Sherwood [mailto:ssher@home.com]
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>> Subject: FIA/GT after race get together - Sat Oct 24th
>> Ok, heres the deal (if youre interested)
>> A bunch of us are either going to the FIA/GT races at
>> Laguna Seca Raceway or are willing to get together
>> afterwards to talk German (sprechunze?).  Jack Thomas
>> from Monterey says that the Baja Cantina is "the" place
>> to meet.  So, if you want to joins us, please do so.
>> Meeting Location (in Carmel Canyon):
>> Baja Cantina
>> 7166 Carmel Valley Road
>> Valley Hills Center
>> Carmel?
>> 831-625-2252
>> Directions: (check mapquest.com)
>> Time: Saturday at 6:30pm or so
>> Date: October 24th
>> Who: Anybody that wants to come (A4, other Audi owners,
>> M3 owners, Yugo owners, we don't care what you drive)
>> Why Saturday?:  Some people want Sunday, but alot of people
>> need to leave to go home, so Saturday is suggested.
>> Additionally, invite anyone else you want to.
>> Note: I have yet to confirm this with the wife...so
>> I, personally, am tentative right this second.
>> Steve Sherwood
>> 97 A4 2.8 Quattro
>> NorCal A4 Owners Club
>> http://www.ns.net/~seang
>> >