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my UrQ VIN, andhow much does the power doorlock system weigh?

>>Also, my car turns out to be an 83, not an 82, for some reason i got
confused.  Anyway here is the VIN:  WAUDC085900539

It was finally purchased on November 12, 1984.

Looking through the bently i see that my car was only 6 cars short of
getting the newer rear suspension design, so it still has the rear

How about 900543. I was two cars away from getting the 4000Q suspension 
(according to Bentley. Linda has a different idea of the switch vin). Aww, 
who the hell cares, the car is rock solid and a blast to drive. Hey, my car 
could see your car on the production line (provided they built them in 
order, which makes sense). My build date was also 7/82.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.