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UrQ Steering Rack - Clunk Solved

In the never ending quest for a rock solid front end on my 1983 UrQ, I have 
just replaced the steering rack, with great results. Previously I have 
replaced all front bushings, including motor mounts, tranny mounts, A-arm, 
sway bar, etc. All new ball joints, tie rods, billsteins, strut bearings 
were fitted. Everything was brand new. Then why did I have a Clunk on big 
bumps? I could move the tierods up and down quite a lot, right at the 
steering rack. I put a junkyard rack in and things were even worse. To 
check the rack out of the car, I put the piston end in a vise and 
discovered that I could turn the rack body back and forth quite a lot. The 
junkyard rack, even more. The new one from Jorgen Automotive ( $175 - 
insane) had just a hair of movement, neccessary for piston movement. I put 
the rack in in 3 hours and now, the front end is rock solid. I drive 
straight for rough road for that satisfying thwump, thwump of solid, 
no-play movement. If you've replaced everything else, it may be time for a 
new rack. Bottom line, for $175, you have no excuse. The next cheapest was 
GPR at $300. This is one repair I feel good about. HTH.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ