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Re: pump is toast

Craig Krivin <CKRIVIN@CSI.compuserve.com> writes:

>A strange thing happened to me when I was checking the Pentosin 
>level... I
>opened the reservoir, and there was no dipstick!  There is a level 
>and a fairly large "filter basket", but the picture in the owners 
>does not match what is in the car.  Different from what I remember on 
>10V (traded that one 5-6 years ago).  

 I've never seen a Pentosin reservoir with a dipstick.

>So, how would I know if the level were low?

 That level sensor sends a purdy colored light to flashing
 on the instrument cluster. Most of the caps have the 
 "shaft" end of the float sticking up through them.
  Push it down, if it bobs back up means the floats 
  a floating and the level is good.


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