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Re: license plates...clever and inoffensive

Dee, Gang:
	>>>How about  Shnell
	   German for hurry up!
            Dan Hamren
           87 5kcstqw<<<

         >>>Love this one.
         I've had Colorado plate "Schnel" for the last 12 years, it was on my 
2002 tii turbo look-a-like, and is now on my 911 SC, the last "l" is not there 
because back then the state only allowed 6 letters.
         My Audi 90q20v's plate is "4SCHNAY", 4 is obvious, schnay is German for 
         I haven't come up with anything for the Rx-7 road/racer, any thoughts?
Rick Glesner
Littleton, Colorado