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Hey Guys!

Wanted to check with the collective mindset on this.  Anyone heard of running out of coolant in the course of an hour and a half?  This morning on the way to work the low coolant light went on.  When I got to the office, I let the engine cool down, and on the way out for lunch  I check the coolant level (expansion tank dry as a bone).  Stopped by the friendly Chevron station and filled her up  (she was empty, empty, empty).  Anyway, on the way back to the office after lunch the light goes on again.  Pulled into the parking lot and popped the hood.  Opened the expansion tank cap (no sign of steam) and guess what.....Empty!!  Hmmm.....I'm hoping its not a cracked block, and I'm losing the coolant out the tail pipe.  Any ideas?  The car is a '88 5000S non-turbo, non-Q.


P.S. - the electronic ignition warning light also came on this morning, but not during lunch.

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