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RE: MAC-10 vs MAC-11

Phil said;
> 01> "Lewis, Gary M" writes:
> > I bought the d@#n thing!!
> > I'm now the proud owner of an 88 5kcstq.
> Ever see the film "The Money Pit"?
Funny movie.  Actually, Phil has a good point.

Anybody got a well maintained Type 44/Ur-q that isn't a money pit (compared
to say, a Honda)?  But after I got my 86 5kcst 5sp looking and running nice,
wow, what an awesome $3,200 automobile (including purchase price).  I drove
a 89 750il (asking $12,000) before I bought the 86.  No regrets and I never
looked back.  And after chipping, I don't give up alot in power (5kcst
13.7lbs/hp, 750il 13.3lbs/hp).  We had the money for the BMW, I just fell in
love with the Audi.  I'm still not sure why.  Maintaining and driving Audi's
is now  an serious hobby.  And since all you quattro guys tell me I'm
missing out in the awd experience, why I think I'll dive right in.  I can't
imagine having more fun than the intrepid 86 has already given.  We'll see.