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RE: one less q in the world

I am truly sorry to hear that you have lost your faithful steed Denise!  I
know it sounds trite, but it is always great when you hear about such events
that noone was injured.  Once again Audis show that they were designed to
take the punisment of the impact ... which is sad for the car, but the car
can be replaced.  

I certainly understand your situation ... I too was in an accident that was
not my fault a couple weeks back.  I think the biggest thing about such an
accident is that through no fault of your own you now have to spend your own
personal time to deal with repairing or replacing your damaged car ...
compounded by the fact that the insurance company will want to total it for
less than its true value to you.  I have a problem with this ... yes, those
people at fault should have no other option (unless they want to pay out of
their pocket), but if you were involved in an accident through no fault of
your own, IMO the law should be such that you are reimbursed the replacement
value of your car to you or the car is brought back to the state it was in
before the accident.  

Fortunately for me my motorcycle is still worth quite a bit more than the
damage that was done, but I still have had the hassle of spending my time to
fight for having it restored to the state it was in before the accident.

I truly hope that everything works out well for you Denise!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)