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Re: tune up

Chris Dyer wrote:
> Easy one for a '87 5kcstq: puttin' on new cap n' rotor, plugs & wires.
> Questions before I begin:
> 1. What is that large hose going over the valve cover then down to the
> right (facing fr. of car)?  It has a crack in it, so it looks like I'll
> have to replace it.
> 2. The plug wire loom under this hose--what's the best way to get these
> wires in/out of it?  Is it easily removed?

Could you please post your answer to this. I will be changing my wires
within the next month or so.

> 3. I was gonna clean my engine compartment with Simple Green--aside from
> covering up electrical bits, anything to suggest/warn against?

I just changed my plugs the other night. I used the Bosch Platinums.
They were $1.79/each at Pep Boys, same price at Autozone.

Here is how I used Simple Green to clean around the plugs. 

1. Pull wire off plug (They can be corroded on it really old, grip
gently with pliars if needed and use to remove caps).

2. Spray with Simple Green (all over and around old plug). The new
foaming nozzle works well on the spray bottle.

3. Let is sit for a about a minute or so.

4. Use something to scrub around the plug. I used a rag. In hindsight, I
should have used a toothbrush as well.

5. Rise with warm water.
6. Repeat.

7. Pull old plug.
8. Carefully clean around open spark-plug hole, being careful not to
drop any crud in the chamber. I stuck the rag over my thumb, then put my
thumb in the hole to block it, then used circular motions to clean
around the hole. 

I wouldn't try cleaning with water or S.G. while the plug is out..I
don't think you want any liquid leaking in there.

I suggest you get something to spray the water a little more accurately.
I used the "Prestone Coolant Tester", which has a black hose and a big
plunger attached to it. I simply dumped some warm water in a cup and
took it outside with me. The "Prestone" thingee allowed me to direct
water to where I wanted it without hosing my electricals too badly. 




P.S> PLEASE post where you got your discount from so other listers can
comparison shop.

-Osman Parvez
89 200q 175K
Albany, NY