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Re: 200tq front speaker replacement

	make sure to report back... often problems like
	this are in the amplification...

On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, Daniel Hussey wrote:

:|      I was in Best Buy yesterday and picked up a pair of Sony XS 3.5" speakers
:|for the front of my 200tq. Like $29 (not a huge investment), but I'm hoping
:|they will improve the overall sound in the car.  Right now it sounds very
:|unbalanced and a lot more sound comes from the rear.  Adjusting the fader
:|doesn't help this; it only makes it worse.  The front speakers just are weak!
:|      So, I hope these new speakers will help out a little and bring more sound
:|up front.  So, this afternoon I pulled the speaker grille off, unscrewed the
:|plate underneath, and then loostened the one nut holding one end of the speaker
:|in place.  Only problem....the other one is under some other part and I can't
:|see how to get to it.  Any advice shy of breaking the old speaker????  Any
:|advice on how to get the other end out???  How do I lossten that nut (or is
:|there one?)  I can't see it!  Any help would be great.  Thanks.
:|      Later,
:|      Dan
:|      '90 200tq

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