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9004 - 9007 Conv

I have heard that this conversion makes a noticable increase in light
output on the 4kq.  I am relaying my lights on my girlfriends 87' 4kq
and wonder if I should do this at the same time.
    As I understand it from past posts, I need to swap the Hi/Low beam
wires since they are opposite of each other in the two applications.
    I also need to grind off a prong to make it fit?  Is this prong on
the light housing itself  or on the bulb base?  Which one is it?
    Why does this work, is the 9007 a better bulb, or is it just a fluke
that it works better in this application?  ie, would it work better in a
Subaru or a 5ktq, or a 5k, etc.
    What can I expect, is it brighter or just a better pattern with the
newly oriented filaments?
    Sorry if this has all been covered recently.  I just havent seen it
recently and winter is coming.  Wish I had money to buy her Euro Lights
but for now Conversion and Fog lights will have to do.     ANy
experience with Hella 550's.   How about the cheap Blazer lights like
you see at Shucks.  THey have a funny looking  Cornering/Fog light that
looks more like an Aux  low beam that I may try.  Cheap build Quality
but only $25 too.
        Todd Phenneger